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How it works?


We provide a platform for people in need to create causes and appeals on our website by creating an account. You specify the cause, the amount you wish to raise and what the timeline is. Share your link and see how fast your funds for your cause rise. You no longer require to send your details to a stranger after watching a video on Facebook, facilitates security, speed and helps you receive the funds for your cause faster than ever before. Here are the steps to take to start today!


  1. Sign up and create an account, fill all your profile details.

  2. Specify the cause, the category it falls under, include as much description as possible including images and videos

  3. Specify the deadline for the cause.

  4. Insert your PayPal if you have one.

  5. Share the link on as many Social Platforms as possible and raise awareness

  6. Receive the funds after submission of documents and paperwork.

Security & Authenticity

We understand the importance and nature of this platform is on trust and we have developed this platform on high security, encrypted data and each cause must be validated by the claimant. Each claim and approval of every candidate on the site will go through a quality assurance procedure once the amount has been raised or whilst in the process. We recommend to get these document sent to us as a matter of urgency.. The procedure is as follows:

  1. We require validation of documentation which includes National ID Card & Passport – this will be validated with Algerian authorities.
  2. We will require a doctors approval, we aim to follow this up with a phone call.
  3. We are aiming to open an office in Algiers as soon as possible to start hiring staff immediately to have ground presence in Algeria.
  4. Where necessary we may request to Skype the individual in person.
  5. The funds are held directly by us and once the validation of points 1-4 have been completed we will wire transfer the amount securely to their account. In the near future, as our team grows we’re aiming to place the bookings, management and whole operation start to finish to minimise any risk of fraudulent activities.

For further information about the founder and credibility please read the about us.


Our efforts to help save children and families is through the kindness support of the Algerian people. Payments on this platform have been synchronized with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. We ensure that every connection is encrypted by having an SSL installed on the site. No financial data, information or credit card information will ever be stored on our website or server ever. We understand the importance and fundaments which is why we choose PayPal and Stripe for encrypted payment(s). Our team is based both in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates of British nationality.

Learn more about PayPal here & learn more about Stripe here.

For further information about the founder and credibility please read the about us.

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