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Founder of Yadeen.com

                                                                                                       بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم      


Yadeen.com was founded by Adel Salhi, a British-Algerian who is an Entrepreneur. He was born in Algeria in May 1991, and left early in his infancy at the age of 3 years old. He is a well-educated young Algerian with the completion of primary, secondary and higher education in London. He completed his honours degree in LAW [LLB] at honoured City Law School. He currently holds positions in several online enterprises and runs a full service digital agency. He currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he runs his business affairs. Being a very god-conscience caring, passionate Algerian he always dreamed of building and impact and giving back to his country of origin. Through studing and his awareness of the Algerian condition, challenges and first-hand experiences, he believed that change can only be achieved through action and leading by example.  He set up Yadeen.com as a non-profit organisation in November 2016 with his expertise in the digital field.

Adel has always believed in the untapped potential of the Algerian people and prides himself in delivering compassion, excellency and change over these coming years by god’s permission. Yadeen, has become the first milestone in his achievements and is designed to be Algeria’s first crowd funding platform that harbors both Algerian within Algeria and abroad.

His Vision

I want to create a platform that changes everything. A platform, name and brand that people can trust. Algeria is a country that is more rich in any resources that I have studied, it’s people have the hearts of gold and are one of the most compassionate individuals I know. I want Yadeen to be the source of positive change, to harbor the cries of the families who suffer everyday thinking they have no power to bring a resolution for their sick child. I want this platform to be the answering call to many people’s problems in Algeria because Algeria is in need of one and it currently doesn’t have one. I see this platform the start of many great accomplishments of our Algerian community working together to grow together. Whether people join this campaign at the start or later when I validate my claim is up to them, this project will go ahead and I will not stop at any persons count to make this dream a reality for my beloved nation which I love dearly.

His Why

I do not like watching people suffer and I think it’s embedded into my DNA because of our previous experiences with our ancestors. It breaks my heart to see my fellow brothers and sisters not living, suffering and wishing for a better life knowing that others are living. It breaks my heart to scroll through my Facebook news feed and see a Dad cry because he is unable to take care of his son, the man feels that he cannot provide or aid his family and this hurts me and I want my country to have the resource and platforms that every other country has even if I have to lead in every one of them and it takes me my lifetime – I have always been a person to start what I finish and be dedicated to my craft. I do not want to make any profit not even a single dirham from this because my main intention is for Allah’s pleasure. My only true benefit every is to take this platform as Sadaqat Jariah and I hope the same for everyone that contributes to this monumental platform insh’allah.

Founder of Yadeen.com - Adel Salhi

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